Friday, April 2, 2021

Review: GIrl Gone Mad - Avery Bishop

Girl Gone Mad

Review: Girl Gone Mad - Avery Bishop - September 2020

After reading One Year Gone by Avery Bishop and loving the twists and turns and the crazy ending, when I saw that she had another thriller out - I knew I wanted to give it a go and read. Girl Gone Mad first has an awesome cover that drew me in and I have a total cover crush on the book. This book starts with an intense beginning where there are a group of girls surrounding one of them while the one, they are surrounding is tied to a tree and repeating the rhyme of "Sticks and Stones". The book then jumps to the present time and we meet Emily Bennett. Emily has on the outside the perfect life, she is a therapist and engaged however looks can be deceiving as her partner Daniel and her hardly ever talk, and when they do it's just in passing and she visits a therapist herself. One day Emily is told by her mother that one of her childhood friends Olivia has killed herself. Emily then is contacted by another of her old school friends asking if she is going to go to the funeral. We learn that Emily hasn't spoken to these school friends after the incident happened with who we later learn was Grace tied to the tree. After that bullying incident, the girls went their separate ways. After Olivia's funeral, we discover another of their friends' Destiny has been killed too and it is seeming that all roads lead to Grace - the girl that their group tormented. Has Grace returned for revenge on those who bullied her or has someone else decided to join in with the fun and out their ruining lives? Girl Gone Mad by Avery Bishop had the feel of some of the 90's/2000's slasher films - like Valentine starring David Boreanaz or Urban Legend 3: Bloody Mary.

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