Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Dead Ringer - Mary Burton

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 Review: Dead Ringer - Mary Burton - January 2008
After reading I'm Watching You and really enjoying it, I decided to see if I could source anymore of Mary Burton's books and found a few. I have always had a thing for identical twins especially in murder mysteries as it adds another whole layer of intrigue and mystery to the book which is what happens in Dead Ringer as we meet a serial killer who is killing women who all resemble news reporter Kendall Shaw . Each woman has been found murdered and buried with a "charm name necklace". It turns out that all these women have one thing in common - they were all adopted. When strange things start happening to Kendall Shaw and when she realises that she is the killer's type - should Kendall watch out or is she next on the Killer's hitlist ? What does Kendall have in common with the murdered women ? What are the strange dreams she is having and are they related to her life prior adoption ?
For a fast-paced and intriguing mystery novel , check out Dead Ringer by Mary Burton.


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