Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Girls Most Likely To - Cutest Couple - Kate Davies

Are you enjoying the New Adult categories ? I know I am , as my favorite type of books finally have a area to belong to rather than lumped in with Romance Novels etc.
Review: Cutest Couple - Book #2 Girls Most Likely to Series - Kate Davies - April 2013
Ten Years ago , Bree and Marc were voted in their graduating class as the School's Cutest Couple and then on the night of their prom everything turned to disaster as Marc had signed up for the army and Bree turned her back on him as joining the army to her was the worst thing ever as we discover Bree's father was in the Military. They drifted apart and he went off to Boot Camp and Bree discovered she was pregnant with his baby. Ten years have passed and Bree is a single mother to a nine-year old boy Ben and her ten year reunion is coming up this weekend. Bree receives a blast from the past when Marc walks in , she assumes he knows he has a son and has been ignoring her and Ben . Marc on the other hand has no clue that he is a father , let alone that the son is nearly ten years old. What happens when the pair meets and Marc discovers the news ? Will he walk away and act as it never happened or will he step up to the plate and take responsibility for his actions ten years ago ? Will the cutest couple become a family ?
The Cutest Couple almost finishes on what can be called a cliffhanger ending as it leaves the reader open to deciding for themselves what happens next , though of course we readers assume that it is a HEA ending.

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