Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: The Pretend Boyfriend - Artemis Hunt

Wanting a book in the style of a "New Adult" but written with an older audience in mind and bordering on the side of Erotica ?
Review: The Pretend Boyfriend - Book #1 Boyfriend Series - Artemis Hunt - October 2012
If you have been loving the "New Adult" category but wanting something with a bit more edge and spice then Artemis Hunt's series The Pretend Boyfriend is for you. With the same style of a New Adult combined with the taste of erotica , The Pretend Boyfriend was an enjoyable read. The only downside for me is that it was only about 80 pages and left me wanting more which of course the series has been split into four books - and reading like a serial. In Book #1 we meet Sam aka Samantha who for the life of her can never hold a relationship for too long so when she receives a phone call to her younger sister's engagement party , Sam makes up the lie she has a boyfriend. Brian Morton is the master playboy and rich kid , he has a different girl every night and has sex with whoever, whenever and wherever. When Brian and his best friend Caleb make a bet , it leaves Brian on the losing end and he has to succumb to being a women's slave for the weekend. The winner is whomever Caleb picks. It turns out he picks Sam - but Sam and Brian have a history as when they were in school Brian was the class bully and Sam was his target. Now the tables have turned , will Sam use this as her chance to get revenge or will the pair find themselves inevitably falling for each other.  The Pretend Boyfriend shows us that in the game of love - pretending can be a dangerous line to walk.  I look forward to reading the next three books in the Pretend Boyfriend Series.

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