Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Playing the Part - Darcy Daniel

Wanting a nice romance to curl up and read as Winter strikes ?
Review: Playing the Part - Darcy Daniel - February 2013
Hollywood actress Anthea Cane wants to stop being cast as the bimbo Action hero and move onto bigger and more serious roles, when she receives an email for a new drama The Farmer's Wife - she feels that it is meant to be as The Farmer's Wife was her late mother's favorite book and Darcy has read it about fifteen times so she knows it inside and out. Needing time out from Hollywood and hoping to get some experience at the same time Anthea heads home to her childhood farming town. However when she gets there , things aren't quite as welcoming as she expected as when she left, she didn't just leave but she turned her back on everyone. The other downside is the only available cowboy is Cole whom Anthea spent her early years teasing and bullying him , however this might be easier than she thought as Cole is psychologically blind so Anthea goes undercover as Anne Sugar - Cole's new farmhand. What happens though when each discovers their true identities ? Will they discover that they really do have feelings for each other or will they shrug it off to "Playing the part"?
A fun light-hearted romance brought to you from Carina Press and if you loved Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey you will enjoy Playing the Part by Darcy Daniel.

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