Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Requiem + Alex's Story - Lauren Oliver

Are you a fan of Lauren Oliver's books ?
Have you been following her Delirium Series ?
Get ready for Book #3 Requiem which also includes a Short Story of Alex.
Review: Requiem + Alex's Short Story - Book #3 and 3.5- Delirium Series - March 2013
This is a hard review to write as I have been dying to read the third book in the Delirium series and have had it for a couple of months and you know how life just chucks obstacles in your way and you find yourself a bit waylaid and then when you finally get around to it , you are like omg , feverishly reading it as you just have to know what happens and then you get to end and you are like ... speechless and you don't know what to say but all you can do is scream. That's what I felt with the book Requiem, just so you know I loved the first two books and rated them both 5 stars and OMG the cliffhanger that book #2 left us with - with Alex's return AARGH. I found personally that Requiem for myself fell short of my expectations as the whole Alex, Lena and Julian love triangle fell flat as come on - I have waited and built up over a year for the first chapter as here I am with this view of OMG Alex's back and then it was like oh, ok. I did love how they brought Hana into the book and how she got to view the both sides of the cure - the cured and those they nickname the Invalids and definitely loved the reunion of Lena and her mother Annabel aka Bee. 
The other awesome thing with Requiem was the added bonus of a short story from Alex , talking about his love for Lena and the first time he met her and fell in love with her as remember Alex meet Lena when she arrived at the Lab.
I am curious though, that the way Lauren Oliver finished Requiem, it does make you wonder if there is any more books to follow.
I have to warn you guys, do not read this book unless you have read the previous two books :)

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