Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Forgotten - Melody Carlson

Are you a fan of Melody Carlson's Edgy Teen Fiction ?
Love to read how God can help us even in the worst of times ?


Review: Forgotten - Book #1 Secrets Series - Melody Carlson - August 2010
All Adele ever wanted was a normal life and one where she could be the child and not have to worry about paying the bills, clothing and rent . She could do teens stuff, hang out with her friends and have fun. However, not all of us get that choice and in a way I could relate to Adele as growing up I have had to miss out on things and have helped and still do carry the majority of bills for my family otherwise things would collapse or work out for the worst and life could be like Adele's and many others in the world. Adele's mother is a flighty bird who has bipolar and when she moves Adele to a new neighbourhood , a new school etc she promises Adele this time will be different and so Adele makes a new group of friends but it isn't long till her mother falls back into her old patterns but this time her mother disappears and takes off - she has never done this before. Soon Adele finds herself homeless with nowhere to go and finds a job and somewhere to sleep. Can Adele though keep up the facade as she attends school and can she keep up with the front she has created for her friends ? What will happen though when they discover the truth about Adele ? Will they dump her and prove that their friendship was superficial or will Adele discover who her "real" friends are through this hard time ?
Find out all this and more in this heart-wrenching story that will get you thinking about those who are "really' in the situation covered in Forgotten.
As in America according to statistics on http://www.dosomething.org/actnow/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-homeless-youth  - there is 1.7 Million homeless teens in America.



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