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Review : 21 Dares - J.C Gaitlin

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21 Dares

Review: 21 Dares - J.C Gaitlin - August 2016

21 years ago Abbi Reed was born and had a wonderful family, 15 years ago that family was taken away from her when her house was broken into and her older sister killed. From that day, she turned into a shell of himself and became known as Clinton Reed from Abbi. Now 15 years later, Abbi is at college and living her life as she should. Though she is attending therapy and doesn't have any close friends, she prefers to curl up and watch her favorite TV Show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  For the past few months, Abbi has felt that she is being followed but what happens when she can't prove it? During one of her therapy sessions, her doctor suggests she goes out and mingles, and we read as a girl from Abbi's past comes to light, and soon Abbi has a small group of friends. Near the end of the book, Abbi is turning 21, and her newfound friends have put together a list of 21 dares for Abbi to complete. The game and dares start out innocent but what will happen when the game is taken over by someone who doesn't want to play by the rules? What will happen when the dares start to become deadly and soon turn into live or die ultimatums? Has the killer from Abbi's childhood come back to finish the job or has someone new decided to play on Abbi's childhood fears and Anxiety in this new and improved deadly game of 21 Dares? Will Abbi live to see the end of her 21st birthday or will this be her last one to celebrate?
 Overall, 21 Dares by J.C Gaitlin was a good suspenseful read, but I felt near the ending a bit let-down as it had an amazing build-up and then when I got to the last chapter and discovered who the killer was and the reasoning behind everything, I was like really - that's it?


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