Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Cupid Has a Heart- On - Tara Sivec

Cupid Has a Heart-On (The Holidays, #2)

Review: Cupid has a Heart-On - Book #2 The Holidays Series - Tara Sivec - February 2016

First off, if you need to have a good laugh and want a whack-a-doodle of a book, then I highly recommend that you read Cupid has a Heart-On by Tara Sivec. To be honest, I have always found Meghan Quinn's books hilarious but OMFG - this was like a whole new level. I was laughing so hard from page #1. This book was pure and utter craziness, and you just can't help laughing at the antics of all these characters. I have to say Grandma Mazur and Stephanie Plum's family have nothing on The Holidays. If it wasn't one thing, then it was another, and there is no pausing in the laughter either as every page has you in stitches. In Book #2 Noel and Sam are moving from fake engagement to a real relationship, but with this family sex and crazy is part of their everyday vocabulary. From Aunt Bobbie who is a woman now to the Sex Parties to Noel's crazy sex-fuelled parents and then, of course, I went Awh when Sam's secret was discovered haha. If you are single this Valentine's Day and needing something like a crazy book to cheer you up and make you feel less lonely, then check out Cupid has a Heart-On and trust me, readers after reading this book if you thought your family put the fun in dysfunctional - think again.

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