Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: F*ck of the Irish - Celia Aaron

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F*ck of the Irish (The Hard and Dirty Holidays, #4)

Review: F*ck of the Irish - Book #4 The Hard and the Dirty Holidays - Celia Aaron - February 2016

One of my favorite authors is Celia Aaron, and with this novella, she has brought readers a sexy side of St. Patrick's Day with F*ck of the Irish. Ever since her dorm roommate, Claudia brought home her guy of the week -Eamon, Laurel has been crushing on him. She knows she won't try anything though as Claudia is nuts about Eamon and believes he loves her and is her soulmate. The thing is though that Eamon loves someone else and that someone is Laurel.  Can Eamon prove to Laurel that he does love her this St. Patrick's day and that she isn't another of his throwaway girls.  What will happen to Claudia and Laurel's friendship? Will their friendship be ruined by just one guy or will Laurel finally get an Irish HEA with Eamon?
Like most Erotica fiction, F*ck of the Irish is just like that a quick f*ck as it is a sex-packed, romance dribbled in between reading.

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