Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: Welcome to Beantown - Elle Vanzadt and P.Marie

Welcome To Beantown

Review: Welcome to Beantown - Book #1 Boston Belles Series - Elle Vanzandt and P.Marie - 2016

As I am a fan of college fiction and friendship stories as soon as I saw this book Welcome to Beantown, I knew I had to read it. In it, we meet three girls who are all ready for adventure and headed off to college. Each girl comes from a very different background but will find themselves drawn to one another and become great and amazing friends Despite their personalities being all very individual. We have Gianna, who is Italian Boston and comes across a bit like the Rizzoli family from Rizzoli and Isles, that Italian meets American family. There is just Gianna, her mom, brother, and Nana living under the one roof. Sloane is a country girl and has come across the map to Boston to study with the encouragement from her older sisters. She has a close-knit family situation with Mum, Dad, and two sisters all working on the family ranch. Then we have Alexis whose father is a Senator and her mother is a Socialite/Trophy Wife. Her parent's due to their busy schedules tend to neglect her. Welcome to Beantown follows the girls first year at college as we read through their family interactions, watch their friendships grow, relationships flourish in both positive and negative ways. It wasn't till the very last few lines in this book that I discovered it wouldn't be standalone as it ended on a major cliffhanger which had my heart pounding and it has set the premise that book #2 will be a romantic suspense type tale.  I think it is also important to let readers know that despite all the happiness of friendship and families in this book, it does have a dark side as one of the girls ends up in an abusive and controlling relationship and it could be a trigger point for some readers. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 and finding out and hoping with crossed fingers that things will turn out for the best and not the worst as the cliffhanger hints at. If you love friendship stories and Edgy New Adult College fiction, then Welcome to Beantown is the read for you.

Goodreads Link : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32310242-welcome-to-beantown?ac=1&from_search=true

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