Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: The Dark Side of Neptune - GK Parks

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Veronica Mars - the TV series: The Dark Side of Neptune (Kindle Worlds Novella) 

Review: The Dark Side of Neptune - Veronica Mars Kindle Worlds - GK Parks - March 2014

One of my favorite TV series of all-time is Veronica Mars. I even have a T-shirt that has a picture of her and underneath it reads WWVMD - What Would Veronica Mars Do? Growing up, I had a thing for teen detectives and spies which are why I adore VM, and her witty humor makes the show what it is. I had discovered a couple of years back, that Kindle Worlds were offering fan fiction of some of my favorite shows including Veronica Mars, so I went and bought a few. The Dark Side of Neptune takes us into the world of Veronica and her dad Keith. Keith is currently out chasing bail jumpers when one of them tries to run Keith over causing Sheriff Lamb to head to Neptune High and pick up Veronica. For those who have seen the series, you will know that there is no love between Sheriff Lamb and Veronica. Veronica nosy and trying to help searches for the bail jumper only to turn up his dead body. Soon the Mars family are embroiled in a murder mayhem. Is this one case that Veronica will be able to finish or is this case too much for the teenage sleuth to solve along with the help of Weevil aka Eli Navarro - a PCH'er. Fans of the TV Show Veronica Mars will love The Dark Side of Neptune purely for the feeling and love of being reunited with all your favorite Veronica Mars Characters.


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