VBT # Girl on the Ferris Wheel - Julie Halpern and Len Vlahos

Girl on the Ferris Wheel

Review: Girl on The Ferris Wheel - Julie Halpern and Len Vlahos - January 2021

I have to say this book did grab my attention at first as I thought the plot sounded like a good YA novel and I do love carnivals. Inside the pages were a different story as we meet two characters who are complete opposites except for the fact that they both love film. We have Dmitri who is a drummer in a band and is outgoing and then when have Eliana who is quiet and studious and only has one friend Janine whom we learn is like an Amazonian Goddess. Dmitri's family is Greek which I loved as Greek families always present a closeness in books and Eliana's dad is a stay-at-home dad after his video/DVD shop went out of business and now he spends most of his time down in the basement watching movies. I did struggle a bit with this book as I hated the character of Eliana as she had so much self-doubt in herself and it got to a point where it became too much as she couldn't imagine someone like Dmitri liking her and it got to the point where I was like "freaking hell, wake up Eliana - can't you see he is trying". Girl on the Ferris Wheel is a coming-of-age story between two high school students who are trying to navigate family, life, high school, and hormones. This book also focuses on the fact that we don't normally see as in lots that we read are opposites attracting and they live HEA but Girl on the Ferris Wheel shows the dark side of what happens when your opposites only get you so far in the relationship? What happens when you run out of things that both of you might enjoy or talk about? Can opposites live a HEA or are they just kidding themselves?

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