Friday, April 6, 2012

Publishing Company Launch - Oceanbooks

NZ Ebook Company Launched : Oceanbooks

With the world becoming more digitialised , it makes sense that the way of books is moving from print to electronic format. For many, getting a book contract is difficult as it is so few books are published each year by the major companies and self-publishing which was once viewed as taboo is becoming the way for authors to get their books out into the big wide world. 
The other thing that is becoming more and more popular is small boutique publishing companies and I don't normally promote them on my blog , but I think that I might have to starting with one that is actually happening in my hometown of Tauranga, New Zealand.

Put your hands together readers of The Phantom Paragrapher for "Oceanbooks NZ".

Who are They :
Oceanbooks Limited is an independent co-operative publishing company for Bay of Plenty, New Zealand writers. The Oceanbooks team believe Bay of Plenty authors write quality books of interest to readers locally, nationally and globally. We seek to publish and market literature in both print and digital media. Launching in March 2012 Oceanbooks seeks to publish quality books by Bay of Plenty writers in both print and digital media formats. The Oceanbooks single website portal is our focus. With the publishing industry in a stage of change, www.oceanbooks.co.nz offers an exceptional opportunity to reach the consumer directly.

What They offer :
 As I said above, the world is becoming more digitalised and the world of literature is moving from Print to ebook copy , Oceanbooks can help you if you are a writer trying to get your books out there into the big wide world.  They also offer editing and help in producing your Ebook - Information can be found @ http://www.oceanbooks.co.nz/resources/

Oceanbooks shareholders are writers. We aim to connect readers with writers using the Internet.
Firstly, our stringent selection and editing process delivers you quality books. We want our readers to return for more.
Secondly, we are able to supply ebooks and hardcopy direct to you because the internet eliminates the middlemen. You get high quality for a lower price. Even with our lower prices, our writers earn more per book than through the old distribution network.
Oceanbooks has a creator - customer win win scenario.

What Can The Public Do :
   A team of Local Tauranga authors have published their books into e-book formats and they are available for the public's purchase at www.oceanbooks.co.nz
A List of The authors and their books can be found:

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