Review: Someone Else's Life - Katie Dales

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Review: Someone Else's Life - Katie Dale -February 2012
Life for Rosie Kennings has been pretty hard the past year as she watched her mother Trudi go through the course of Huntington's Disease and she eventually had to leave school so that she could look after her mother. When her mum passes at Christmas, Rosie decides to take the test as Huntington's proves to be genetic but Rosie is about to get the biggest shock of her life when she discovers that there is no chance Rosie can have Huntington's because she was Switched at birth. Apparently , seventeen years ago - two babies were born and one died and Rosie went to Trudi. Now Rosie is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to find her biological parents but she will get the shock of the lifetime when she discovers that the baby she was switched at birth with actually survived and didn't die as Sarah - the midwife had originally thought. Now not only will Rosie lay on the whole I've been switched at birth with your daughter Holly but she will also have to break the news that Holly may have Huntington's disease. To Holly, this will affect her decisions as she has been hiding a darker secret , that she too is about to have a baby.
Find out what can happen - the good, the bad and the ugly the moment and the follow on's when one decision and choice can change the whole course of your life and you wake up one day and discover that you have in fact been living "Someone Else's Life".
A great debut novel from Katie Dale and I look forward to seeing what else she brings out in the near future.



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