Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Skinned - Robin Wasserman

Imagine living in a world where technology was so advanced that if anything was to happen , you could be rebuilt as a machine ? Originally released as Skinned and now the books have been re-released with brand new titles and covers. Skinned is now Frozen.

Review : Skinned /Frozen - Book #1 Cold Awakening Series - Robin Wasserman - September 2008
I had previously read the first book in this series about three years ago, but when I saw that the library had finally gotten around to purchasing books #2 and #3 , I just had to re-read it and of course the books have been reprinted and re-released with not only new covers but also new titles. In Skinned , it almost reminded me of the book Airhead by Meg Cabot when the main character dies and her body is replaced but her brain and personality is still her etc. In Skinned , we meet Lia Kahn - she lives in a society where the children are made by picking out and purchasing different genetic factors, e.g beauty, high IQ , EQ etc, the more money you have -the better chance your child will be perfect. Lia's father is a scientist and they have been working on creating cyborgs to replace human parts etc and to interact them into society just as you and me. The public call them skinners. When Lia is in a car crash and does not survive, she finds herself transported into a body of a skinner. When she returns to her old life, she will discover that things can not ever return to the way they were. Lia will also be in for a wake up call as she comes to terms that the ones she thought cared about her the most -her family have also turned their backs on her, even though the real Lia is still inside the Cyborg Lia. What happens though when Lia meets new friends and ones that actually care for her the way she should be treated . Will Lia turn her back on her old life and create a new one for herself ? What will happen when the only person from Lia's old life Adam accepts Lia for who she is and then in the last chapter his own life is left hanging ? Will Adam's parents turn him into a skinner or will Lia say goodbye to everyone from her old life ?
Find out in the Cold Awakening Trilogy by Robin Wasserman and stay tuned for Book #2 Crashed/Shattered.

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