Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: The Fallback Plan - Leigh Stein

Have you just graduated College or University? Spent alot of money doing the hard yards of studying only to not be able to find a job afterwards ?
Review: The Fallback Plan - Leigh Stein - January 2012
Have you ever left college or university with your degree hoping to find the perfect job after you have completed it ? Many of us do , once we leave college - there are three sets of people. The first are the ultra-lucky ones , they are the ones that find the perfect job that they have just spent the alast 4-7years studying for , then there is the second group who are in-betweeners - these are the people who have completed their degree and who may not get a job in their chosen fields immediately but they will eventually and last but not least there is the group that will hope to never fall into - this is the group of no-hope and the group that needs most of all - a fallback plan. These are the ones who finish their study only to realise that they will never ever ever be able to find a job in their chosen fields, especially with the markets being so competitive. When talking to others about what to do once they have finished school , I always tell them to come up with at least one or two fallback jobs. For me personally, as I have been there - my dream job is to one day work in the communications field or work for an event management company and if all else fails I have the library to fallback on and teacher aiding.
The Fallback Plan by Leigh Stein is a novel that all those in their early to mid 20's will definitely understand , the novel introduces us to Esther - she has just completed her degree in film and now with no luck finding a job, she has done what many young adults do - she has gone back home to live and try and decide what to do with her life. The Fallback Plan is one girl's journey to self-discovery and along the way trying her hands at many things as a fallback before th opportunity rises for the perfect job. Soon Esther finds herself in a nannying sort of position and finds herself in the middle of being a mother for the daughter May , becoming a friend in need to the mother Amy and of course as the novel goes along a partner in crime with Amy's husband Nate.  As we discover , all these built alliances will crash and when they do , it will be the wake-up call that Esther needs to discover hard and deep who she really is and what she wants out of life.
The Fallback Plan is an awesome novel by Leigh Stein , fast-paced and easy to relate to that all young adults will find themselves sitting and nodding and cringing at parts with Esther.
I look forward to reading and watching what else Leigh Stein will bring to the publishing world.

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