Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Christmas in Coyote County - Mary L. Briggs

Searching for a mid-winter Christmas Tale ?
Review: Christmas in Coyote County - Mary L. Briggs - November 2011
It's Christmas time in Coyote County and it seems that somebody is playing tricks on Maddie - one of the oldest citizens of Coyote County.  When Libby Hawkins moves back to  her hometown after losing her husband in a plane crash , she worries about running into people from her past - one man especially Jackson. When an incident occurs at her neighbour Maddie's house , the first policeman on duty happens to be Jackson. Libby and Jackson ,when in high school were the IT Couple until Jackson broke Libby's heart and she ran off and got married to Ben.  It seems that the whole town is convinced that Maddie is going crazy in her old age, but with the help of Libby can Maddie prove to the rest of the Coyote County that she is not ready to go into a home and dementia hasn't hit her system. Is Libby ready to open her heart and love again and is she willing to allow Jackson a second chance ?
Find out all this and more in Christmas in Coyote County.

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