Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: The Only Witness - Pamela Beason

Are you a fan of Animals and Love Mysteries ?
Review: The Only Witness - Pamela Beason - September 2011
When I saw the cover of this book, I didn't know exactly what to expect and to be honest, I wasn't sure if the story would be me as I'm not really an Animal person but as I got into the book and past the first chapter I was intrigued and hooked as The Only Witness turned out to be a kidnapping novel of a 2 month old baby named Ivy Rose. As the story goes along, it seems that the main suspects is seventeen-year old Brittany Morgan ( Ivy's mother) and Charlie Wakefield (Ivy's Dad) but Brittany can't believe that anyone would believe that she kidnapped her own baby and so begins an Amber Alert for her daughter. Enter Detective Finn, he is in charge of the search for Ivy Rose and after a week , he is not having much hope in ever finding her until he recieves an anonymous tip of what happened that day. The tip though leads him to the Talking Hands Ranch which is in fact a facility in which two gorillas have been raised to learn to sign and the witness is a 12yr old Gorilla named Neema who has the IQ of a 5yr old. 
Will Detective Finn accept Neema and her trainer Grace's help in finding Ivy Rose or will he laugh at the mere thought of a gorilla being "The Only witness".
The Only Witness is an easy to read and interesting novel as it also delves into the side of Animal research and intellect. In a way The Only Witness character Grace reminded me of the Monkey lady "Jane Goodall".

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