Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Darkride - Laura Bradley Rede

Looking for a Teen Supernatural to read ? Something with a hint of both Vampires and Werewolves and even Witches ?
Darkride by Laura Bradley Rede has it all...........
Review: Darkride - Laura Bradley Rede - December 2011
Are you a fan of Werewolves or Vampires , what about witches ? When I first saw Darkride, I thought it was going to be just another Vampire/Human Love story but as I started reading it and getting into it , I noticed it had a twist to the story. We are introduced at the beginning to Cicely and Ander. Ander is hiding a dark secret - he is in fact a Werewolf and he is in love with Cicely, though he knows deep down that it is too dangerous to be with her as the prophecy known as Five keeps reminding him that something dark and sinister is going to happen.  About halfway through the novel , we are introduced to Luke - whom we discover is a Vampire and he has been sent to retrieve Cicely and bring her forth to their Queen Constanza as wait for it ................ Cicely is in fact a Witch as we discover , something that has been passed down through her bloodline and she has been the one prophesied to break the Vampire curse . However, the curse can only be broken when Cicely bonds with Luke. As the novel goes along , like the Twilight storyline we read as Cicely struggles in the choosing between Luke - the new hot guy whose a Vampire and Ander - her best friend whose a Werewolf. "Seem Familiar ?"
So readers , read Darkride to discover which one Cicely will choose - will she wander to the hot-blooded side of Werewolves or embrace the cold with Luke ?
A great novel for those who love Werewolves, Vampires and Witches - Oh my :)

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