Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Killer Spirit - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

When I was younger, I used to love the movie "Harriet the Spy" and always imagined being a Top Secret Spy , so readers here's a spygirl novel from Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Review: Killer Spirit - Book #2 The Squad - Jennifer Lynn Barnes - February 2008
I have always had a thing for girl spy novels , not so much the guys ones but I loved the SpyGirl type books like Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter, SpyGirl by Carol Hedges ,Spy Goddess by Michael Spradlin and The Model Specialists by Shannon Greenland. When I discovered that Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a favourite author of mine had a series out called "The Squad" I just had to read it and unfortunately I've ended up reading Book #2 first LO due to the silly settings on my Ipad I thought I was reading Book #1.
In Killer Spirit , we meet Toby - a computer hacker who has joined the Varsity Cheerleading Squad but the cheerleaders aren't what they seem - this cheerleading squad is in fact a cover for "The Squad" - a group of teenage girls working for the CIA.
In Killer Spirit, it seems that a nanotech weapon has been stolen and it is up to the Squad to retrieve it and put a stop before the weapon is used for Terriost acts.
Killer Spirit gets us into the mood for high stealth action but of course the squad have another problem on hand - It's Homecoming Weekend with the Pep Rally , Cheerleading events and of course Homecoming Dance where a King and Queen will be crowned and six of the Cheerleaders are up for the Crown. Who will win ? Can the girls keep their eyes and ears open on the mission at hand or will Homecoming, Boys and Body Glitter get in the way ?
Find out in Book #2 Killer Spirit , a book that reminded me a cross between the movies D.E.B.S - a group of college girl spies and Man about the House - A movie where the cheerleaders are put in the Witness protection programme.

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