Review: Polar Bear Plunge - Linda S. Glaz

Have you ever entered a Polar Bear Plunge Contest ? They are the contests that people enter in the middle of winter and where do they plunge you may ask , well into the icy cold sea or pool. Today's Book is titled "Polar Bear Plunge".
Review: Polar Bear Plunge - Linda S. Glaz - November 2011
This Christmas Aleni is about to step into the unknown as while on ER duty , she meets Brice Taylor, one of the contestants for the local Polar Bear Plunge. Brice Taylor however isn't just your average Joe Bloggs though , he was a Soldier and during the war in Afghanistan his troop was attacked and Brice survived and then wrote a book about it. For Aleni, though this brings back too many memories as she lost her husband Eli two years ago. Eli was also a soldier who was on tour. As the book goes along, we read a back and forth banter between Aleni and Brice as he buys her and her son Ty gifts and Aleni sees them as Charity. Can Aleni allow herself to fall in love again or is it too soon as she views it a betrayal to Eli ? Find out this Christmas with Polar Bear Plunge as Aleni gets a second chance at being plunged headfirst into a relationship . As always , a wonderful quick read from White Rose Publishing and the other thing is that this book does get teary as I thought from the cover that it may have been a light-hearted read.


  1. Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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