Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Being Lara - Lola Jaye

Have you read "By the Time, I read This by Lola Jaye ? I did and fell in love with it , so when I saw that Lola Jaye had a new book out titled "Being Lara" , I knew I just had to read it and guess what - I loved this one too .
Review: Being Lara - Lola Jaye - March 2012
After reading Lola Jaye's "By the Time You read this" and loving it to pieces ,when I saw Being Lara come through at work- I knew I just had to read it . Not only did the premise of the book entice me but the cover was awesome. In Being Lara , the novel starts with Lara's 30th Birthday and the making of a wish when a Nigerian Lady comes to the door and chaos erupts. The lady at the door turns out to be Lara's biological mother. The novel then takes three directions. The first is of Lara's story - her experiences growing up and when she first noticed and was told she was an "alien", the way others looked when she was with her family and the humiliating birthday at McDonalds . The second is of Lara's adoptive mother Patricia , Patricia started off like any poor white girl - in a neighbourhood that nobody was really going anywhere though Pat always knew she would be a somebody and that somebody turns out to be "Trish Smith" - An 80's Pop Star.  While singing , Trish meets Barry and soon the two of them are dating and eventually want to start a family until tragedy strikes and forces Trish and Barry to explore other options which leads them to Lara, a little girl who was abandoned at the Nigerian Orphanage. The last character's whose tale we discover is Yomi's - this is Lara or as she calls her Omalara's biological mother we read as she falls in love and then is forced to marry somebody else and then has an affair with the man she loves and the outcomes and consequences of her actions . It has taken thirty years of birthday wishes for Lara , but when she discovers the truth of her past - will it be the moment she had waited for her entire life or will it lead to more disappointment ?
Find out in Being Lara , and I look forward to reading more of Lola Jaye's releases. As I think Lola Jaye will become the next Dorothy Koomson.

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