Monday, April 30, 2012

Review- Seven Up, By Janet Evanovich

I am slowly making my way through the Stephanie Plum books , when I realised that there was a film coming out I thought to myself, hmmmm I must start reading the books and so my mission for 2012 is to read the complete series of Stephanie Plum. However, because I find the books quite busy with their plots, I have to even them out between other books.
Review: Seven Up - Book #7 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2001
I adore this series as I know that whenever I flick open a new one to start , it will be outrageously funny and I will be hooked. Though with the upside of myself loving the series and knowing they will be great as the more you read them , the more you become familiar with the characters and their habits e.g Granny and her love of Stiva's funeral home and the fact that whenever they have closed-casket funerals , she just has to get into the middle of the action and take a peek inside the casket and of course as we know Stephanie has a charm for finding Dead bodies and one's that are bad enough to host closed-caskets that this is a reoccurring theme. Stephanie and her choice of men , the almost but not love triangle between Stephanie Plum (bounty hunter) , Joe Morelli ( cop) and Ranger (bounty hunter). The fun-loving big-boned sidekick Lula, always at Stephanie's side when she's on the bounty hunter trail and of course, the constant nagging of Stephanie's mum asking why oh why can't she get a normal job as they always seem to have openings at the button factory. The only downside I find when reading the Stephanie Plum books and Seven Up was no different, is that the plots are too busy - so many different things happening and lots of characters.

In Seven Up, Eddie Gooch has missed his bail date and for an old man he's normally not really a threat and he owes Vinnie bail money so the file is given to Stephanie. For Stephanie , this case turns out to be personal as Eddie had a fling recently with her Grandmother Mazur and it seems that Eddie did business with old classmates of hers Dougie and Mooner. When Eddie is nowhere to be found and Stephanie finds a dead body in Eddie's garage - has he done a runner ?
All seems a bit suspicious but gets really weird when Dougie goes missing and Mooner turns up to Stephanie's looking for help.  It seems though as usual Stephanie isn't short of male company as a couple of Eddie's friends want her help in locating Eddie. However it seems that this case isn't exactly going anywhere , so Stephanie does what she always does when she gets in a jam- Calls Ranger for help. Ranger willing to help her , in return of a favour- she is to spend the WHOLE night with him. This would normally not be awkward but it seems wedding plans are circulating about Joe and Stephanie .
We also meet Stephanie's sister Val and her two daughters when they make a surprise visit to her parent's house, arriving in a Taxi which is like the Limo equivalent in the burg of Trenton, New Jersey.

Another wonderful and humourous tale in the life of Stephanie Plum written by the talented Janet Evanovich and stay tuned readers when I bring you book #8 in the Stephanie Plum Series.


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