Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Immaculate Resurrections - Book #2 Tears of Constatine

Have you read Immaculate Resurrections Book #1 ? Wondering what happens next?
Review: Immaculate Resurrections - Book #2 Tears of Constantine - Randall Lowe - December 2011
All Felix Lowe had planned when he arrived at Portland College was to live, learn and explore what life for the average college boy was like and to prove himself not a failure as he cheated on his SAT's, but when he arrived that all changed when the school groundsman Bill told him that he was actually a reincarnation of the second coming and that Landry was the antichrist and that Felix had to fight him in order to save mankind. Now in Book #2 carrying on from where Book #1 finished , Bill's time to train the second coming has finally arrived - he has waiting for nearly two decades for Felix to arrive , unfortunatelty Bill did not count that the second coming would be a college slacker.  Bill had a fun job convincing Felix that he was the second coming and had to defeat Landry - the Antichrist , now Felix must hurry onto it as time is running out and he needs to stop Landry before an Apocalypse hits their world as they know it. Felix's mission , if he chooses to accept it is to destroy the First Templar Amulet which is in Landry's posession. In order to survive though , Felix must encounter some training sessions with Bill , but when strange things start occuring - it seems that Bill is hiding a dark secret, can Felix trust Bill or is he in fact working for the Antichrist and setting Felix up ?  Book #2 sets your heart pumping as Felix's friends and family and all those he cares about are put in danger's sight and if Felix doesn't stop Landry, then everyone he cares about will die.  Immaculate Resurrection is a fight of the fittest and to see who prevails , will Good win over Evil or is Evil just that little bit stronger and offer better incentives ?

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