Review: Torn - Amanda Hocking

A few weeks back I reveiwed Book #1 Switched by Amanda Hocking in the Trylle Trilogy, and today readers, on this fine Easter Monday I bring you Book #2 Torn.
Review: Torn - Book #2 Trylle Trilogy - Amanda Hocking - November 2010
I have always loved the whole Switched at birth theme and the idea of a changeling is quite amazing , when I saw that Amanda Hocking's series the Trylle Trilogy had arrived at the library, I made it my goal to read them as I had been meaning to get around to it for a while. So readers, I bring to you Book #2 Torn . At the end of Book#1 we read as Wendy had taken Rhys home to introduce him to Matt - his real brother , Matt doesn't take this too lightly and he soon finds himself travelling to Wendy's world. Wendy however discovers that in order for her to become who she really is , alot of things are going to have to change and Torn is all about being divided as Wendy is matched with so many decisions that she is ultimately going to have to choose one or the other. In Torn, Wendy discovers that her father isn't dead but it's not exactly going to be a happy reunion as her father is King of the Vittra clan , the arch-enemies of her mother's clan Trylle where her mum reigns as Queen .  Wendy must choose which Kingdom to reign , will she betray all those who have become her friends and turn to Vittra ? It seems that the Queen wants Wendy to have nothing to do with Finn as she hires a new tracker for Wendy - Duncan. But what happens when Wendy's heart only feels for Finn , can she choose whats right ? It seems that Wendy's chance to become Queen is arriving quickly as her mother is dying and so an arranged marriage is set between Tove - a friend and Wendy , can Wendy marry for the sake of it or does she need to marry for Love ? Will Wendy be able to ever follow her heart or do all her decisions need to be made by following orders and what she is told ?
Find out in Book#2 Trylle Trilogy - Torn by Amanda Hocking and stay tuned readers for Book #3 Ascend.


  1. This is the second book of Amanda Hocking's Trylle Trilogy. Great storyline. Easy to read. Characters are easy to grasp. The story starts where Switched left off and ends leaving you wanting more! This book provides more insight to the characters and their lifestyle.


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