Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: The Fine Color of Rust - P.A. O'Reilly

Looking for a new Aussie author to read ?
Do you love reading your Chook Lit - That's Outback for Chick Lit ?
Check out Australian author Paddy O'Reilly and her new novel "The Fine Color of Rust"
Review: The Fine Color of Rust - P.A O'Reilly - February 2012
Set in the heart of a small rural town in Australia called Gunapan we meet local woman Loretta Boskovic , she moved to the town with her husband Tony and two kids Melissa and Jake . Loretta lived the countrytown dream until one day her husband just disappeared from their lives. Now three years later, Loretta lives in the state between reality - a mother with two children and her dreamworld - of meeting a handsome man who whisks her off to another world , but not until she has dropped her two kids off to an orphanage.  The Fine Color of Rust tells the story of Loretta's up and down journey to Save their local school which is in it's last terms, if they can't get the Minister of Education to stop the closure. In between writing letters to the government, Loretta tries hard to be a mother but what happens when her husband turns up with another lady in tow after three years of no contact ? Is this Loretta's time to get her revenge on Tony especially with her truck that is showing "The Fine Color of Rust" ?  The Fine Color of Rust is a story that shows readers what life can be like in a smalltown especially one that seems to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have the residents still living in the dark ages and the rest trying to welcome the 21st Century. A read that will have you in places, wondering if Loretta will ever find her dream man or whether all her work she has done trying to save the school is worth it , in the end ? The Fine Color of Rust is the perfect read for all those who love Australian rural fiction and novels set in small-town communities.

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  1. Definitely adding to my TBR-list. Sounds like an interesting read, plus that cover looks pretty appealing (: Thanks!

    ~Annie & Demi


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