Review: A Weekend with Mr. Darcy -Victoria Connelly

Do you love Jane Austen and her books ?
Are you a fan of the Austen spin-offs , the books that touch on the variation of Austenite Fiction ?
Get ready for the first book in Victoria Connelly's series " Austen Addicts".
Review: A Weekend with Mr. Darcy - Book #1 Austen Addicts - Victoria Connelly- July 2011
Ever since I can remember , I have always been an Austen fan . I have adored reading variations of Austen fiction and renditions of her books. I think one of the earliest I read was Austenland by Shannon Hale. Once I read that one I was hooked for life , I imagined how much fun it would be to go to a retreat where you are surrounded with strangers who love Austen as much as you do or even more. It would be heaven on earth.  It's actually one of my goals one day to travel to the UK and visit Bath and maybe attend an Austen festival. I even own a tshirt that says I Heart Mr Darcy.
A Weekend with Mr. Darcy is the first book in Victoria Connelly's Austen Addicts series and takes us to a weekend conference in Hampshire to the grounds of Purley Hall.  We meet Dr. Katherine Roberts, a single professor who teaches Austen and has written a non-fiction book about Jane Austen who of course secretly on the side reads the historical romance bodice rippers by Lorna Warwick , Katherine has no intentions of finding love but what happens when she meets fellow attendee Warwick Lawton ?  Will it be love at first sight , or will he have to make a second or third impression and what happens when she discovers who he really is ? Robyn Love , is trying to rediscover who she is and thinks that a weekend away with Jane Austen is the way to go but what happens when the guy she wants a break away from suddenly wants to spend the weekend with her and worse what will happen when she meets a hunky man who feels like her other half at the Austen weekend ? Will Robyn's heart be torn between Jace - the guy who has been there for her and her longtime friend or Dan - the new guy who loves animals and even read her copy of Pride and Prejudice ?
A Weekend at Mr. Darcy is the type of book that I think only readers of Austen's work and those like myself who dream of being surrounded with fellow Austenites and who dream of a world where people still follow the rules of Jane Austen's books will really enjoy.
Are you searching for your Mr. Darcy , Captain Wentworth or are you more a Willougby or Bingley girl ?
Find out at Purley Hall with "A Weekend with Mr. Darcy" by Victoria Connelly .


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