Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review: Finder's Keepers - Marilyn Kaye

Reading my way through the Gifted series and unfortunately as this is a series I'm getting from work it won't be in order but as far as I can tell with the first and fourth book , they mainly have their own storylines. Get ready for Book #4 Finders Keepers reviewed on The Phantom Paragrapher.
Review: Finders Keepers - Book #4 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2010
Following the Gifted series , in Book #4 we meet Ken - a star Soccer Player and an all-round jock. Like Amanda , he is one of the popular kids and he too is hiding a special ability. Ken discovered after an accident occured , that he could speak to the dead . He may not be able to see them but he definitely can hear them loud and clear and it is his job to pass messages onto their living ones so that the dead can rest their weary souls. Finders Keepers tells the tale of Ken , who finds an invitation to a Seance in his locker- unsure if it is a prank, he goes along taking Amanda with him. It turns out to be held at a medium's house where the pair of them, meet Medium Cassandra , Maggie and Stewie - all arriving at the Seance for a different purpose. In Finders Keepers, we read as Amanda's body does her snatching as she ends up being Maggie, and as the tale goes along we soon discover that the medium Cassandra and Maggie are not what they seem or who they are pretending to be . Can Amanda with Ken's ability to hear the dead , expose them ? Stewie, the only one who seems genuine about contacting the dead is hoping to get in contact with his Dad who recently passed as the family are going through some financial strife and just before his Dad passed , he had won $2 Million dollars on Lotto and now with his Dad gone, no-one has been able to locate the ticket. Can Ken help Stewie contact the spirit of his dad in order to find the location of the winning ticket ?
Find out all this and more in Book #4 of Marilyn Kaye's series "Gifted".

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