Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: No Sex in the City - Randa Abdel-Fattah

Looking for a new chicklit novel to devour ?
Did you love the TV Show Sex in the City , are you an Austen fan ?
Join Aussie author Randa in her new book and the first written for the adult audience "No Sex in the City".
Review: No Sex in the City - Randa Abdel-Fattah - July 2012
Randa has achieved what many try to do and fail at , she has successfully completed the transisition of writing for children and young persons to writing her first adults novel. I had tried to read her Teen books but found them quite hard to get into , but with No Sex in the City I was hooked from the first page whether it be due to the Jane Austen opener where Randa had used the Pride and Prejudice famous quote to help shape her story or the fact that I could relate and for me , in a way I was a Ruby or a Lisa  . No Sex in the City follows four best friends since college , together they are a melting pot of cultures but they all have one thing in common - they are all single and definitely not getting any sex on. The main character of the story is Esme - a Muslim who works for a sleazy boss in an Employment agency and due to family constraints and situations she must endure her job. For me, I was able to connect on the second half with family constraints as I am in a similar boat, not as extreme as Esme but still there nonetheless. All Esme wants in life is a Muslim husband and one that will treat her as an equal and is intelligent enough to have a decent conversation with - Will Esme find her Muslim Prince ? Nirvana - the Indian of the group hopes to find herself an Indian prince and when she does and Anil asks her hand in marriage will she accept or will she realise that her family and friends are more important than wealth and fortune ? Ruby- the Greek orthodox is looking for a husband from the Greek community , the other thing though is Ruby is obsessed with Astrology so he has to be compatible with her Gemini. When she sets her sights on Alex the Greek Personal Trainer who is an Aries, will he be compatible or will he be another dud ? Lisa is just looking for Mr. Perfect and at this point in life , she is starting to consider that maybe she is too old for Marriage and it may never happen . Halfway through the novel , I thought Lisa was a lesbian , but she didn't "officially come out" but who knows.
No Sex in the City is an awesome story for all those women in their mid-to-late twenties who believe that maybe they won't get their happily ever after as all their friends are having children and married. But for those women as I sometimes feel myself in that boat - we will get our happily ever after one day.

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