Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Ada's Rules - Alice Randall

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Review: Ada's Rules - Alice Randall - April 2012
When I saw this book, I wasn't too sure what to expect and as soon as I cracked it open , I could swear I was reading an autobiographical novel of Alice Randall's life. Ada's Rules is in fact a fictional autobiographical set novel about housewife and Preacher Wife Ada Howard. The novel starts when she recieves an invitation to her college reunion , once skinny and beautiful Ada has felt that she has let herself go over the years and feeling deprived of love at home she has her eyes set on her college crush Matt Mason.  In order to make herself perfect, Ada decides to make a goal to lose one hundred pounds in a year and sets to herself goals to research different methods of dieting , excercise in order to find the perfect solution for her. We read as over the year , pulling bits and pieces of advice from friends, family and diet books Ada writes a list of Diet Rules.  In dieting though, she soon finds herself re-discovering who she really is and comes to the realisation that her marriage is failing and that it may be time to move on . Will Ada's rules lead her to Divorce or will they help save her marriage from tatters ? Without giving too much away, this was one of the best African-American novels I have read in a long time and I recommend it to everyone to read as it is one book that everyone who has ever had a thought of low self-esteem or weight issues will be able to connect to and enjoy and think "OMG , That's Like Me or I Do That ".


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  1. I've read Ada's Rules. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this is the same author who wrote The Wind Done Gone??? I want to read that one. I haven't read it yet.


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