Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Elixir - Hilary Duff

Are you a Hilary Duff fan ? I am, I love her music, her movies and now I enjoyed her book - well the undecided whether or not it is ghostwritten book .
Review: Elixir - Book #1 Elixir Series - Hilary Duff and Elise Allen - October 2010
When it comes to love, I have to say I am a true romantic at heart and I just adore reading stories about love at first sight and soulmates , though Love at first sight can be cheesy so I am in two minds about that , but Soulmates I love as I personally believe out there somewhere is a soulmate for everyone even if you never find it, there is somebody out there in the world that is your true other half/counterpart to make you whole . The other thing that I love reading about especially when authors ACTUALLY do it right is past lives of the characters.
Elixir by Hilary Duff takes us into the world of seventeen year old girl Clea Raymond. Her life has forever been in the spotlight but she shies from the camera and prefers to be the one taking the photos under her alias Alissa Grande. When Clea comes back from holiday to get her mind off her father's death , she goes to develop her photos and is shocked to see a guy -the same guy in every shot taken. Who is he ? .
Turns out, that this guy has been in every photo of Clea's since she was little and now he is infiltrating her dreamworld too as Clea starts to have vivid dreams of past lives , all her with a different name and the same guy. Can they be connected ?
When Clea gets the chance to explore and find out more about how her Dad died and why, readers discover why Clea is experiencing what she is and what did it have to do with her dad's death ?
Find out in Book #1 of Hilary Duff's new Series Elixir - based on the theme of the Elixir of Life - a potion to keep one immortal and alive forever.

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