Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: Butterfly Summer - Anne-Marie Conway

What happens when you discover you have been shied away from truths and fed lies ?
Review: Butterfly Summer - Anne-Marie Conway - May 2012
What happens when everything you thought you ever knew about your life turned out to be a lie ? Butterfly Summer tells the tale of Becky who at age 12 moves to the smalltown of Oakbridge with her mother. Becky thinks that moving out to the middle of nowhere will be boring with a capital B but what happens when she finds a photo of her mum taken 12 years before she was born holding a baby girl. Who is the baby and how did she not know that she had a sister ? On the same day, Becky recieves a mysterious note telling her to meet at Butterfly Garden after 11am . Becky heads down there and meets a strange girl named Rosa-May aka Fish. Soon though, Becky is thrown headfirst into a world where she finds Oakbridge familiar yet she hasnt been here before or has she and her new friend Rosa-May is starting to seem a bit possessive over Becky . Will Becky discover what secrets her mother is hiding and the truth about who Rosa-May is ?
There's no such thing as ghosts or is there as we turn the pages of Butterfly Summer and try and figure out the intensity and mystery of the story.
A fun read, that you won't what to put down as you discover the truths behind the lies.

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