Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Collateral - Ellen Hopkins

One of my favourite of all-time authors is Ellen Hopkins. I find her writing style of poetry an interesting format and I love the way that she targets and can write about edgy topics for both teens and adults.
I think though that for one to appreciate Ellen Hopkins books they will need to read her earlier books written for teens.
Review: Collateral - Ellen Hopkins - November 2012
When I saw Collateral was available for review, I knew I just had to grab it as I have read all of Ellen Hopkins Teenage books and have her latest two books Triangles and Tilt sitting on my Ipad to read, along with her earlier books which I purchased as I just love her work. I first fell in love with Ellen Hopkins books about three or four years ago when I picked up Impulse to read. I loved the way she used poetry to tell a story and the way Ellen targeted those edgy topics which as the years have passed by , I have come to love reading about. One thing that I have to say to readers is do not be discouraged by the size of her books as once you get started on them, you won't be able to put down as Collateral was over 500pgs long.
Over the past few years, Ellen has decided to move from writing Teen fiction and into adult books as it shows through her newest release Collateral.
Ever wondered what life is like for those who are Army/Marine Wives ? What happens when you only see your boyfriend every once in a while ? What is life really like for those ? Would you have chosen a life like this, if you had to re-do it ?
Collateral tells the story of two best friends Ashley and Darian , one night whilst out on the town the pair of them meet a pair of Marines. The pairs click and soon Ashley and Darian are living the life of a Marine girlfriend/wife.  Darian ended up married to Spence and living on the base whereas Ashley remained Cole's girlfriend. The book details over five years from the time the pairs meet their boyfriends to the final points of their relationships and the next steps. 
Five years on , Darian is married to Spence and it seems she has been having numerous affairs. Now she has fallen head over heels with a fellow Army Husband whose wife is in the AirForce part. Is Darian ready to leave her husband for Kenny ? What will happen when Spence is in a terrible accident , will Darian decide to stay or will she leave in the end ? Find out what happens when you are faced with a decision that would ultimately change your life ?
Ashley , has been dating Cole and now five years later he has proposed . But, as time goes by is Ashley ready to commit to Cole and be a Marine wife ? Is Cole , really the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life and will Cole ever choose her over his career in the marines ? What will happen when Ashley is given the choice and attention of a civilian by the name of Jonah ? Will she find peace, love and happiness with Jonah or will she realise that her heart will always belong to Cole , no matter where in the world he is ?
Collateral , completely told in poetry form is an amazing and touching tale of what life can be like for the Marine/Army etc wives and what being in War can do to both parties and how it can affect lives for the better and for the worst.
A story that if you have read Nicholas Spark's The Lucky One or any of Ellen Hopkins previous books you will definitely enjoy and appreciate her wonderful writings.

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