Review: The Wife of Reilly - Jennifer Coburn

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Review: The Wife of Reilly - Jennifer Coburn -January 2004
Wanting a chick lit novel with a twist ? Meet Prudence ,  she is married to a man but also engaged to another and now in the middle of planning not only a wedding but a divorce.  On a trip back home to Ann Arbour and a Homecoming weekend - Prudence ran into her old flame , he is the one guy she has been convinced all her life - that he is her soulmate , her one true love. Caught up in the thrill of romance, something that has been gone from her marriage to Reilly over the last few years - Prudence begins an affair with Matt.  Soon Prudence somehow goes from being a married women to Reilly and newly engaged to Matt. Back home , with the help of her three best friends Prudence has devised a plan to find Reilly a new wife so that when Prudence divorces him - he won't be lonely and have to go to all the trouble of finding a replacement, because of course no-one knows Reilly as well as Prudence. What follows is a fun in parts and sad in others journey on the lengths one woman and her three friends went to find a replacement wife for Reilly - a story of blind dates , Reilly parties with their own commerative mugs and secret rendevous's with Matt.
The Wife of Reilly is a fun novel and in parts though will have you wondering what she is doing is the right thing and is love really for soulmates or can it be fleeting ?


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