Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Seattle Cinderella - Gail Sattler

Looking for a new Christian Fiction book to read in the "Romancing America" series ?
Do you love the Fairytale of Cinderella ?
Review: Seattle Cinderella - Romancing America Series - Gail Sattler- March 2012
Are you a fan of the fairytale Cinderella ? Ever since, I was little my all-time fairtyale story has been Cinderella. I love it and own nearly every single movie that has a Cinderella theme , my favourite being the Drew Barrymore movie "Ever After: A Cinderella Story".  When I saw this book , I knew I had to read it as I also love the Christian fiction series "Romancing America".
Like most books in the Romancing America series, Seattle Cinderella contains four short stories. The first is "Cindy and the Prince" - Cindy aka our Cinderella of the story lives with her evil Stepmother Melissa and her two stepsisters Annie and Zella. When Cindy's dad died, Cindy was left with half of the business and half of the house. Working hard to keep her father's business afloat, Cindy has little time for boyfriends especially ones named Luke Princeton , who owns Prince Car Rentals. Can Luke prove to Cindy that he's her Prince Charming and will Cindy with the help of her Godmother Farrah have the chance to play Cinderella and find her perfect Prince ?
The second story focuses on Cindy's stepsister Annie , she is the youngest of the sisters . "Love by the Books" features Annie who is given a job at Prince Car Rentals as a stand-in accountant but when discrepancies start showing on the accounts, can Annie speak up for herself and let Luke and Brent know what has been happening ? What will happen when Annie ends up being fingered for a crime she didn't commit , will her plea for innocence and finding out the truth of who is trying to frame her come in the form of her version of Prince Charming - Luke's partner at Prince Car Rentals , Brent ? Will Annie find her Happily-ever-after ?
The third story focuses on the last of the stepsisters Zella. Over 6ft tall and shy, Zella finds it hard to make friends and life now is especially difficult with her mother breathing down her back about marriage , now that both Cindy and Annie have tied the knot. Wanting to get away from it all, Zella joins a local book club as she is a big reader especially of mystery novels written by a particular TJ Zeleft. Imagine her surprise, when the bookclub turns out to be in fact a writer's club , will Zella find her niche in writing? It started out as fun and games when Zella asks fellow member Trevor to pretend to be her boyfriend but what happens when the pair start to actually fall for together and Trevor is hiding a secret that could change everything especially Zella's feelings for him . Will Trevor find the courage to be honest with Zella or will he have lost his princess forever ?
Last, but not least is story number #4 "Never Too Late". Farrah , has spent her life looking out for others including her god-daughter Cindy . Love passed her once and ended in tragedy , so though lonely Farrah has dedicated her life too helping others less fortunate and throwing herself headfirst into the community. What happens though when Kat- Luke and Cindy's niece's boyfriend Tyler brings his Uncle Matt around and the sparks start to sizzle between Matt and Farrah. Can Matt prove to Farrah , that age is just a number and that if you love someone then nothing should stand in your way.  Will Matt help Farrah to open her closed heart to another chance at love ?
Find out all the answers to these wonderful tales in Gail Sattler's new novel "Seattle Cinderella".

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