Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Now You See Me - Marilyn Kaye

Have you been following my reviews in the Gifted Series ?
Get ready for Book #5 in the Gifted Series featuring Tracey Devon.
Review: Now You See Me - Book #5 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2010
One of the main things that I love about this series is that you don't have to read it in complete order e.g if you have somehow ended up getting the books not in order - it's alright as you can easily read each book and catch up on the series and what's happening with our favourite gifted children.
Book #5 follows Tracey Devon, though really like Amanda she has featured in more than one of the books as a strong character due to her ability.  Tracey Devon has the ability to fade into the background and disappear, it tends to happen when she has an overcome wave of emotions like the feeling of left behindness. Though, with the help of the Gifted Class , she is learning to control her acts of disappearances . When strange things start happening and soon the whole class find their gifts exposed and at risk, it seems that their might be a spy inside the classroom. Who can it be and what do they want as we read about Jenna being framed for a crime she didn't commit and when Amanda signs up as Office assistant - the fingers start pointing at her. Tracey , though believes that while Amanda can be a B***H she's not evil enough to betray her classmates or is she ? While the rest of Tracey's friends gang up on Amanda to see if she will crack whats she hiding , Tracey will use her ability to follow into the lives of her classmates and see if she can find out which one is betraying their secrets and why ?
I found Book #5 more of a fast-paced and enjoyable plot with lots going on as some of the previous tales were a bit slow.
Another great installment in the Gifted Series by Marilyn Kaye.

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