Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - Victoria Connelly

Looking for an Austen-related read ?
Have you read Book #1 in the Austen Addicts series by Victoria Connelly and needing more ?
Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - Book #2 Austen Addicts Series - Victoria Connelly - January 2012
Life is at a standstill for fledging artist and Jane Austen Addict Kay Ashton. Her mother passed away and now recently , a women she befriended in the resthome Peggy as also gone. Imagine Kay's surprise when she discovers that Peggy had no ties and wasn't a cat person and has left her estate to Kay. Now Kay , has no reason to waste about living an unhappy life. So without further adieu, Kay picks up everything and heads to the seaside coast of Lume Regis. For Jane Austen addicts, Lyme Regis was where Miss Austen brought us Persuasion. When looking at houses Kay, spots an old rundown Bed and Breakfast titled "Wentworth House" and as a true austen fan would she sees this as a sign and purchases it on the spot.  To her excitement , she has landed in Lyme Regis just as they are starting the filming of the movie "Persuasion". With a hop, skip and a jump she is landed smack-dab into the cast of actors/actresses and soon finds herself captivated and head over heels with actor Oli who is playing Captain Wentworth , but hiding around the corner - as quiet as may be is Adam - who represents the Mr. Darcy character type in Book #2. Will Kay end up as Anne Elliott marrying her Captain Wentworth or will she be an Elizabeth Bennett and wander off into the countryside with her Mr. Darcy ?
Another wonderful installment in the Austen Addicts Trilogy by Victoria Connelly and I look forward to reading Book #3.

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