Review: The Vampire Underground - Brian Rowe

On the lookout for a fun read ? One that puts Vampires into a different light ?
A book that reminds us what Vampires are supposed to be like ?
Review: The Vampire Underground- Book#1 Grisly Tales - Brian Rowe - April 2012
The novel starts off with a grandfather and his granddaughter stopping in their RV and then being attacked by what we can assume are Vampires. The story then flicks to the life of Brin and her friend Ash. They are about to start the new year and one of the classes they have signed up for his Intro to Film. It seems that their wonderful teacher is into the Art of Horror films which Ash loves , but for Brin this is the worst as she can't stand to get scared in movies . When the class are given their assignments , they have to film a short movie - Brin finds herself in a group with Anaya who will turn out to be her Arch-enemy in the tale. To make it authentic Anaya wants them to travel to a Ghost town. The group then travel to the Ghost town but little do they realise that the Ghost town is in fact a breeding ground for Vampires and not the type that are illustrated by Bill Compton or Edward Cullen but think Lost Boys. Can the group find their way out or will they become the feast of the Vampire Underground.
Reading the ending will want you to go out and buy Book #2 as Book #1 ended on a Cliffhanger which had the reader going OMG , I so want to find out what's going to happen with Brin.....
The Vampire Underground is a story for those who are wanting to find their way back to what "REAL" Vampire fiction is and not this upper-class Blue Bloods or Fashionista Vampires which are shown in most books nowadays following the Twilight Trend. Though to clarify myself , This is in no way saying that I don't enjoy Twilight or the trend it brung as I love those stories as well - maybe even more than the "REAL" Vampire tales.


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