Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Ten Girls to Watch - Charity Shumway

Do you love Chicklit books ?
Love reading magazines ? Have you ever dreamt of being a Magazine Journalist ?
Review: Ten Girls to Watch - Charity Shumway -July 2012
Ever dreamt of being a famous journalist ? Only to end up writing as a low-paid job in a column that doesn't interest you really ? Dawn Pickens , was on her way to becoming a lawyer until one day , only days before the Summer ended and she was to pick her choice of colleges she decided it wasn't for her. Instead , she began to write but getting a writing job was hard so she searched Craigslist and found a writing job as a Lawncare expert. While at a party awkwardly with her on/off now ex-boyfriend Robert and his new girlfriend Lily , Dawn feels a bit out of her league. Though her new saviour in the form of Charm's magazine editor Regina will come to her rescue, sweep her off her feet and offer her a job at Charm Magazine. For the past 50 years Charm Magazine has run a competition called "Ten Girls To Watch" - the top 10 girls in that year who are role models to the society. Now coming up to it's 50th year, Regina wants to put together an issue and gala for the past winners. Enter Dawn, it is her job to track down the 500 past winners of the award , find out where they are , what happened in their lives and whether they achieved what they set out to in college. In doing this , Dawn will soon discover her life's purpose along the way with of course the up's and downs and bumps in the road that we see in Chick Lit books.
Ten Girls to Watch is the perfect read for the journalist and writer in all of us . I loved it as one day, one of my dream jobs is to work for a Magazine.

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  1. This one is on my to-read list and I think your review makes me want to read it more now! Thanks for sharing!



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