Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Is Nearing ..............

October and Halloween :
When you think of October and Halloween , what comes to your mind ? What does it mean for you as a person ? Is it something that you celebrate by dressing up and going trick or treating ? Or is is something deeper for you as you celebrate Samhein ?
Being in New Zealand, I find that Halloween is not really celebrated over here and in a way it makes me feel sad as I see the pictures that people post on facebook of dressing up and designing their houses . I just love the feeling as I have always been into the whole supernatural thing and it looks like fun. So What I've decided to do this year and I put it out to all to write something , and I have had a few people submit in the form of Guest Post's etc What Halloween means to them or something they deem suitable for Halloween.
So Readers, ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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