Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Behind Her Smile - Olivia Luck

Behind Her Smile

Review: Behind Her Smile - Olivia Luck - January 2016

One of my favourite authors that I enjoy is Olivia Luck, so when I saw that she had a new one coming out - I knew I just had to read it.  Behind Her Smile takes us into the life of the Morgans - David and his wife Karolina. Karolina came from nothing , but learned to live in luxury but she discovered as the years went by that having everything costs more than it should - it cost her almost her life.  David had money and wealth and what he wanted, he normally got and if it wasn't looking like he would get it - he would do anything to make it his and so when tragedy struck his family , he did what he thought he needed to in order to succeed he married starstruck and naive Karolina. Over the next five years, we will read as we discover that often the perfect families are not the perfect ones behind closed doors as Karolina suffered abuse at David's hands.  What will happen though now that her life is in danger as both her and David are kidnapped ? Is this finally Karolina's chance of freedom from her life she has lived and learned to hate ? Behind Her Smile flips back and forth from the time just before Karolina first met David to now and after their five year wedding anniversary.  When everything is finally over, will Karolina be able to have someone to lean on or has David made sure she has been ostracised by those who know her and their family ?
Behind Her Smile was another edgy and wonderful book by Olivia Luck and I look forward to what else she has in mind for the upcoming year.

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