Saturday, January 30, 2016

VBT# He Will Be My Ruin - K.A Tucker

Best friends since they were 4 years old Maggie and Celine thought they knew everything about one another and that nothing could come between them , but one thing did - Money. You see Maggie is the daughter and sole heir to the Sparks Energy Fortune and Celine is the daughter of their former maid and nanny Rosa.  Maggie hated where the money came from and spent her life doing humanitarian work whereas Celine as readers are about to discover did other things for her money. Maggie has been given a phone call that Celine has committed suicide and rushes to her apartment, to start tidying up but as Maggie starts to meet Celine's friends and colleagues - one thing she has thought is odd is that it looks like Celine didn't kill herself but was in fact murdered. Now Maggie must put on her detective hat and head undercover and investigate Celine's life and find out who killed her and why ? As Maggie delves deeper into Celine's life , Maggie though will have to face some hard truths that maybe she didn't know her best friend Celine as well as she thought she did as secrets from Celine's past come to light and may help to catch her killer. Though as Maggie gets closer, who can she trust as lines and relationships start to blur ? Can Maggie get to the bottom of things and find out the truth about what really happened on Celine's last night on earth or will she find herself joining Celine in the afterlife ? 
I shall finish here by saying that readers, you will not find the ending coming and once you have read the last chapters you will be going OMG what just happened here. Reading the last few chapters gave me a shock as it was an unexpected twist to a great story.


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