Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Just a Taste - Shannyn Schroeder

Just A Taste ( The O'Learys #5)

Review: Just a Taste - Book #5 The O'Learys Series - Shannyn Schroeder - January 2014

Just a Taste follows Liam O'Leary who is the chef of the family, he has always dreamed of one day opening his own resturant and being the one in charge , the one who gets to cook what he wants to in the kitchen with no-one overseeing him. One day, he gets a call from Carmen who is letting Liam know that her dad Gus has passed away , he was the one guy who got Liam into cooking and the food industry and has always been like a father to him ever since his own dad passed away. Liam arrives to give his condolences and then hits it off with Gus's daughter Carmen. The pair of them soon discover that Gus has left it in their will that Liam and Carmen are partners of his food truck business - selling Tacos and that they must have it for a year before they sell. Liam decides to quit his chef job and tackle the truck full-on but soon discovers that making the best tacos aren't as easy as it sounds and that owning a food truck is a lot harder. Over the course of the novel , we read as Liam and Carmen become closer and start a relationship. What will happen though when some of Liam's family voices racism concerns ? Will Liam stand up for Carmen - the woman he loves or will his family's words get in the way of their happiness and Carmen has a lot of flaws - can she get over her self-consciousness and embrace the amazing woman she is or will her hiding cause a rift between her and Liam ? I did like this book as I love the author Shannyn Schroeders's work but the one thing that really annoyed me was Carmen and her issues of her body and eating - it got to the point where I wanted to shake her and yell at her to get over herself as she has a great guy that wants her - for all that she is and really we are all a bit pudgy around the tummy and really if a guy loves you, then it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks.

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