Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Eversea - Natasha Boyd

Keri-Anne is living in the small island town of Butler's Cove in her parent's home which her brother and her inherited after they were killed. With just her and her brother and the home needing attending too, Keri has been trying to fix it with the hassle of some of the town's people on her back and she is the last "Butler" whom the cove was named after. With her brother on land and studying at medical school , Keri-Anne is working as a waitress which of course she doesn't mind doing. Jack Eversea is going through a hard time of scandals at the moment, including one where his supposed girlfriend cheated on him, you see Jack Eversea is the latest hollywood crush heartthrob and the girlfriend is an angle in his contract. Desperate for some time out of the limelight, he escapes to Butler's Cove to hide out in a friend's place right on the beach. It is one night, while hungry he meets Keri and the pair under strict confidence as Jack doesn't want anyone to know who he is and that's he is in town - a friendship which later includes Jack helping Keri to fix up the inside of her house. As the novel goes along, Keri and Jack become closer and eventually start falling for one another , but will the romance be short-lived as the reality of Jack's real life hits them - the one where he is in contract with the film company - to pretend he is in a relationship with his co-star ? What happens when Jack's ex turns up and announces that she is pregnant ? Is this the end of the summer romance for Keri and Jack ? Or will it be only the beginning as truths , secrets and lies are revealed ?
Find out in this Celebrity Meets Regular Girl - Cliched as it maybe, but an awesome book Eversea by Natasha Boyd.

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