Friday, January 22, 2016

#VBT - Life Interrupted - Yessi Smith

Holly doesn't know who she is or what has happened to her as she wakes up in a hospital bed, all she can sense was that it was bad and she feels as if she was tortured. We learn that Holly has been missing for six months and we also learn that her parents were killed in an accident four months before that and she has been living with her Poppa. The way her parents died though wasn't exactly an accident and we discover that it is connected to the guy who abducted her as he was in the other car and his wife ended up hurt and now he wants to exact revenge on Holly as it was her parents that caused in his mind the accident. During Holly's recovery we meet Derrick who is a sketch artist and eventually befriends Holly during her recovery period - but near the end we discover that their is more to Derrick than meets the eye.  It seems that the guy who abducted Holly , won't give up that easily and soon everyone of Holly's friends and remaining family have a target painted on their back. Can Holly identify her abductor to the police and have him put behind bars and locked away or will he get back to Holly first and finally put an end to his little game of cat and mouse ?
Find out in Life Interrupted, which was a  new adult romantic suspense with an kidnapping/ amnesiac edginess to the storyline.


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