Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Olivia, On the Brink - Tessa Palmeri

Olivia, On the Brink

Review: Olivia, On the Brink - Book #1 Olivia Series - Tessa Palmeri - August 2015

From the outside world, it seems that Olivia is living the perfect life as she has a good job which she loves, she has good grades and a great set of friends and now the new guy at school is looking her way and interested in her. However as a Senior and this being Olivia's last year at school, she doesn't have it all together on the inside and in the home front as she has parents who argue - her dad is a control freak with a temper and he always has to be right and her mother is often in her own little world and is selfish. In a way this book reasonated with me as though my Dad is getting better , he has often had a temper and though I am 28years old he still tries to control everything and often - I realise I am only at home to save my brother and wish I could be like my sister, who is a little bit like my mum but she gets to live her life doing whatever she wants , she takes no responsibility. Though my mum has now passed away, she was in a way like Olivia and Emma's mother where she was good most of the time but in a lot of ways , she was selfish -where she didn't want to do anything that anyone else wanted to go, no matter what she had said earlier - it was always about her. Olivia, On the Brink is about coming to terms with her life and taking matters into her own hands . It is a coming of age story where Olivia now must take the next step in developing her own life, no matter what otherwise if she stays she will be sucked into a miserable life at home.  Olivia on the Brink, has a few Christian aspects chucked throughout the novel but is a book that every teen should read as no matter what your beliefs are , you will have all experienced one way or another what Olivia is having to go through at this stage in her life.

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