Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Bridges Burned - Chris Cannon

Bridges Burned (Going Down in Flames, #2)

Review: Bridges Burned - Book #2 Going Down in Flames Series - Chris Cannon - January 2015

One of the series I have been enjoying reading lately is the Going Down in Flames, the downside is now I have to wait for the author to publish the next book in the series as the way this one ended I was like OMG aaaahh. In Bridges Burned, we are reunited with Bryn - the half red/blue dragon and Jaxon - the blue dragon. Bryn is now getting used to the dragon world and her grandparents - so much that their relationship is improving even with her grandfather. Bryn's friendship with Jaxon is even on the up, the only thing though not going her way is her relationship with Zavien - the black dragon whom we discover isn't as faithful and trusting as we had hoped for especially since we discover that his intended partner's brother was Alec - the one who tried to kill her at her Grandparent's house. With more tragedies occuring, it seems that someone is wanting to wipe out the different dragon clans and cause chaos as each attack has happened using a particular clan's power source. The only ones left are Blue - Ice and Red- Fire - the two most deadly clans and elements. One thing is for sure - I cannot stand the character Ferrin - he gets on my nerves and wouldn't surprise me if he is somehow caught up in this war and the planning on the sly. One of my favourite parts in this book is near the ending where Bryn is called upon to take a look at a few dragons and determine what clan they belong too  , this is going to be an eye-opener for her as when the truth is revealed - it seems she may not be the only hybrid dragon in the world . I cannot wait for Book #3 to be released and for Chris to expand on the Hybrid Dragon storyline . Just a heads-up there maybe a few tears for readers in Bridges Burned as hearts are broken and people are killed. 

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