Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Risk - Fleur Ferris


Review: Risk - Fleur Ferris - July 2015

Have you ever chatted to someone online in a chat room and never really wondered whether they were who they said they were ? Reading Risk got me seriously thinking about how when I was younger, I would hop onto MSN Chats which are now disbanded and chat away and you would have private messages and never really thought much about it. You would happily share your A/S/L and sometimes even your email address and cellphone number and if you wanted to take it a step further send them a selfie. You never really think that who you are chatting to could be lying about who they are , how old they are etc. In fact it never crosses your mind that you could be sharing your details with a sex offender or worst. In Risk we meet two friends Taylor and Sierra who have been chatting to this guy Jacob online , but it is Sierra he asks to meet and being the ever reliable friend Taylor covers for her , what will happen though when no-one hears back from Sierra for two days and her friends then realise something is seriously wrong ? Risk covers the ugly side of chatting online to strangers and that you cannot completely 100% trust those you chat online as there are some dodgy ones out there. I think this is one book that every teen should read and should be shared in schools to teach them the dangers of cyber chatting.


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