Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Forever Jack - Natasha Boyd

Forever, Jack (Eversea, #2)

Review: Forever Jack - Book #2 Eversea Series - Natasha Boyd - November 2013

Jack Eversea walked away from Keri Ann Butler as he thought he was to become a father and then that turned out to be a lie, but in order to protect her - he escaped for five months. He thought he was doing the right thing by her but instead he broke her heart . Forever Jack takes place five-six months after Eversea where Keri is trying to get back on with her life and has been throwing herself into her artwork. One in particular has caught the attention of many and is called Jack Broken Eversea - we can all guess who the inspiration behind this piece was. As Jack arrives back to Butler's Cove, can he win back Keri Ann and prove to her that he still loves her ? Or has Keri Ann moved on with family friend and genuine nice guy - her safe option Colt ?  What I loved most about Forever Jack is that it was a bit more realistic in the love story angle than most fiction books I have read as she didn't take him back or forgive him straight away, he had to work for her forgiveness and prove himself worthy , which is why I loved the last few chapters especially as while Jack was away re-finding himself in England - he kept a journal and in the form of a love letter - he shares with Keri Ann his journal pages. Unlike the big and expensive romantic gestures that we are used to seeing in novels , this was one of my favourites as at heart I am a soppy romantic and this was so sweet and thoughtful. 
A great conclusion to a Celeb meets Ordinary Girl and Falls in love Duo set.

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